Added Value

Make the most of your space

Egress WindowEgress windows can bring exceptional value to your home

If you’re looking to create an extra bedroom or living space in a basement, then egress windows are a must. In order for a bedroom to be up to code, it must have a closet and a window that can be used as a safe exit in the case of an emergency.

Adding an extra room to your home can significantly increase your home’s value – but only if you build it right. Add an egress window to your basement to make the most of the space and add value to your home.


Add light to a dark space

When you add an egress window to a dark space, you’re letting tons of lovely light shine in. According to Spokane building codes, an egress window must be at least 5.7 square feet – which is plenty large enough to bathe a room in light.


But that’s not all . . .

  • A legal room to your basement can recover 20x the cost of the installation
  • 4,000 people die in fires every year, but an egress window can provide a safe exit
  • Windows provide a lovely breeze for an otherwise stuffy space
  • Turn the wasted space in your basement into a useable area


All your window installation needs met

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